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SPIMF to present showcases of Russian film and television

Projects will be presented October 7 and 8

On October 7 and 8, at the Old St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, leading Russian and international film and TV companies will present showcases of their best content as part of the business program of the First St. Petersburg International Media Forum (SPIMF), organized by ROSKINO with support from the Government of St. Petersburg.

This is a unique event for the domestic entertainment industry, as both TV and film projects will be presented in one space; the projects are new works whose release in cinemas and on television is still being planned. TV production studios and TV channels will begin presenting their content at 3 pm on October 7. Among the participants are STS Media, AMEDIA, SREDA Production, Star Media, Mars Media, Pimanov and Partners, The Walt Disney Company, and Starz (USA).

For the first time within the framework of a single program, well be showing fragments and trailers of new Russian and American television series which havent been aired yet. Well find out first-hand how todays TV industry lives and breathes. There will be two separate views of Catherine the Great, portrayed in historical dramas produced by Amedia and Mars Media. Russky Liuter and a sequel to The Dark Side of the Moon by SREDA. New historical and biographical dramas from Star Media and Pimanov and Partners. American hits from the new season at ABC Studios, Starz, and many others. The projects will be presented by the production studios directors Alexander Akopov, Alexander Tsekalo, Vlad Ryashin, and Alexey Pimanov. Lika Blank will talk about the new season and projects at the redesigned TV channel Domashny. Ivan Kudryavtsev will serve as moderator of the program. I am sure that the TV showcases will be interesting to buyers, the press, and to all participants in the Forum, and it is certain to become a wonderful tradition, creating a future Russian alternative to the studio screenings in Los Angeles.

Dennis Gorshkov, curator of the program Showcases of TV

The showcases of new Russian film will take place October 8. Companies presenting their projects include Interfest, Trety Rim, Baselevs, RWS, STV, Talan, Sputnik, Art Pictures Studio, Lenfilm Studio, Wizart Animation and other Russian film companies.

The program includes 23 projects created by 16 of the top Russian studios, representing the entire range of modern cinematography genres. Wartime dramas include The Dawns Here Are Quiet. . . , a joint project by Interfest and Starmedia directed by Renata Davletyarova; Invisible Esquadrille from Russian World Studios; No Comment, a project about events in Afghanistan, from Trety Rim studio under the supervision of Evgeny Mironov. For comedies, the program will present All That Jam, from Vadim Goryainovs company Sputnik, starring Svetlana Khodchnkova; Day of the Fool from Timur Bekmambetovs Bazelevs Company; Dolly the Sheep Got Angry and Died Young from Pimanov and Partners, with Yulia Savicheva and Victor Sukhorukov starring in the lead roles. There are also sports dramas (118 Seconds and Wrestler), and psychological thrillers (The Petrushka Syndrome, based on the novel by Dina Rubina), mysteries (Pure Art), young adult movies (Motherland by Pyotr Buslov from STV and Last Summer from the Valdai film studio. Alexander Tsekalos company SREDA will present an erotic thriller, The Locust, and the only action film in the program, A Good Bad Day starring Leonid Yarmolnik and Dmitry Astrakhan. There is also The Reddest Fox, a fairy tale directed by Alexandra Strelyana using a unique animatronic technique, from Lenfilm Studio.

Ekaterina Semyonova, curator of the program Showcases of Film


Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg I am thrilled to welcome the leaders of the international media industry to our city, which we hope will become an important venue for business development and interaction. The Media Forum has also prepared an exceptional program of film and TV premieres for the citizens of Saint Petersburg.
Vadim Zingman, Aeroflot deputy director for customer service The St. Petersburg Media Forum is just starting out but I am sure that it will become one of the most important events for the Russian and world media industries. We wish all the SPIMF participants a fruitful time, successful new partnerships and a fresh sense of perspective.

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